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​(570) 296-7451

Milford, PA  18337

People Helping People (PHP)

People Helping People (PHP) is a non-profit service organization of St Patrick's Church of Milford, working in collaboration with St Joseph's Church of Matamoras, which raises funds for the less fortunate of our community who are experiencing financial hardships and need occasional assistance to meet basic needs.

PHP helps to provide for basic life necessities such as food, heating or electrical needs to individuals who request occasional assistance and demonstrate need. We are a non-discriminatory Christian nonprofit dedicated to helping those in need in our surrounding communities in Pike County, PA. We see every person as our neighbor, and we do not discriminate against any individual on the grounds of faith, race, ethnicity, age, disability, or sex.

100% of all donated funds are used to help our neighbors in need. 

Overall Objective: To assist those in our surrounding communities who require occasional financial assistance to meet basic life needs.


  • ​To collaborate with local social service agencies for referrals of individuals who need occasional assistance with either food bills, gas for a car to travel to/from work, or other basic life necessities.
  • ​To refer those who call with greater, ongoing needs (such as rent or utilities) to either Pike Co Human Services at 570-296-3434 or other local social service agencies as appropriate.
  • To be able to respond to requests for help from individuals who come forward with an occasional need for assistance with basic life necessities.
  • To establish fundraisers and seek donations and grants to ensure the steady growth and replenishment of the Emergency Fund of People Helping People while insuring our being able to assist those individuals who come forward identified with an occasional need for assistance with basic life necessities.
  • To organize an annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to help those less fortunate in our community by collecting and purchasing nonperishable food items through our church and CCD classes to provide Thanksgiving dinners for local seniors and families who might otherwise not be able to celebrate this holiday.
  • To organize an annual Angel Tree to help those less fortunate in our community by collecting and purchasing specified Christmas gifts for local children and/or seniors in need.

Online giving link:
To make a donation to the People Helping People fund, please click here.

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        3.  Pick the fund: People Helping People
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