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The Church of Saint Patrick

200 East High Street, Milford, PA 18337

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The Church of Saint Patrick                   

Saint Patrick's Prayer Chain

Anyone wishing to have prayers said for themselves or another are asked to call Tom Hogan at (570) 872-4925. 

Requests may also be sent via email to tchogan@ptd.net.

Please pray for...

The healing of

Cathy, Delia, Gretchen, Isaac, Jane, JoAnn, Maggie, Rob, Sam, Steve, Tony, Valera
Frank, Charlotte & 3 children
Madison B.
Lisa Bacigalupo
Billy Clawson
Larry Cotugno
Deacon Vince

Deanna's daughter & nephew

Lonnie DelVecchio
Zoe F.

Joseph Graziano
Lee Helms

Austin Kowal
Annie Kreiner

Louis Lepes

Halyna M.

Lee Masters
Patrick McCarthy

Todd McKean
Jill Miller
Dennis Mincin

Jim Mooney
Margie Mullins
Genia Muryn

Margie Neff

Paul Proulx
James & Joyce Quinn

Richard R.

Bonnie Raymond

Griffin Roddy
Sonja Roddy

Roe Rodola

Crystal Ross

Elaine Sarcuni
Cathy Sterling

Michael Stephens

Dick Stratton

Raymond Sussmann
Donald T.

Ray Weeks
Carol Wickersheim
Mackenzie Woods

John Zenyuh

Lucille Zimmermann

The safety and well being of

All service members
Dina & family


Lori Brickner

Greg DiGiorgis

Steve P. & his family
Baby Theodore


The happy repose of the souls of

Samantha’s grandfather

Margaret Aracola

Peter Brickner

Carol Carroll

Frank Corcoran
Philip Gallagher

Elizabeth Hoffman

Janet Myers

Robert Reno
Ruth Smith