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The Church of Saint Patrick                   

The Church of Saint Patrick

111 East High Street, P. O. Box W, Milford, PA 18337

(570) 296-7451                                                                                                                                               Questions?  Comments?  Email

‚Äč(570) 296-7451

Milford, PA  18337

Saint Patrick's Prayer Chain

Anyone wishing to have prayers said for themselves or another are asked to call Tom Hogan at (570) 872-4925. 

Requests may also be sent via email to

Please pray for...

The healing of

Cathy, Gretchen,
JoAnn & Maggie

Madison B.
Frank Corcoran
Deacon Vince

Deanna's daugher & nephew
Richard R.
Mackenzie Woods

The safety and well being of

All service members


The happy repose of the souls of

Elizabeth Hoffman