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The Church of Saint Patrick                   

The Church of Saint Patrick

111 East High Street, P. O. Box W, Milford, PA 18337

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Saint Patrick's Prayer Chain

Anyone wishing to have prayers said for themselves or another are asked to call Tom Hogan at (570) 872-4925. 

Requests may also be sent via email to tchogan@ptd.net.

Please pray for...

The healing of

Emily Beecher
Karen Bloomer
Marie Biel


Joyce Clark
Vinny Cordova
Dan Crenshaw
Louis D.
Diana Davidian
Stanley Dutkus
Bobby Ey
Nadine Finan
Peter Grund
Ronald Guensch

Dominic & Walter Hill
Jessica and her family
Doris Keeling
Nadine LaPenna & family
Jim Larkin
Mary Anna & Louis
Eddie M.



Walter Marcial
Chris McManus

Rachel Meyer
Maryann Myers

Betty Owen
Albert Perry

Burke Rider
Roe Rodola

John Seidenstricker


Mark T.
John Thompson
Tom Wallingford
Charles Wiley
Chris Wood
Mackenzie Woods

The safety and well being of

Frank Campbell
John Dibblee
Anne F. & Family

Bo Fean
Marie D. M.

Nancy Opitz

Kim Stevens

Butch Stirle


The happy repose of the souls of

Lucille Adams
Lee Ames
Robert Bernathy
Ed Biel
Mary Collins
Peter Coyne
Eugene Ericson
Clarence Kremer
Carmine Loiacono
Linda McCray
Georgene McDermott
Hank Oswald
Bill Richardson
Art Ridley