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The Church of Saint Patrick                   

Robert Hans given by Kathleen Murtha
Anthony Russo given by Kathleen Murtha
Brendan G. Cranwell given by Kathleen Murtha
Tom Calabrese given by Kathleen Murtha
Edward Conklin given by Kathleen Murtha
Thomas J. Driscoll given by Kathleen Murtha
Deceased members of the Cronin, Murtha Families
          given by Kathleen Murtha
Father Alfred Vito given by Kathleen Murtha
Louis Theodore given by Mary Ellen Theodore
Ivan Hoey given by Mary Ellen Theodore
John Magnus given by Jeffrey Stocker
Brian Dennis given by John & Diane Dennis
Ruth and Walter Von Brook and Gertrude and Franklin Shoener
          given by the Dennis Grandchildren
Sally, Mom & Dad given by John & Joan
Adolf Moglia given by Ellie & Anthony Moglia.

Stewardship & Sacrificial Giving

Sacrificial Giving during Christmas 2020

Please contact the Parish Office (570) 296-7451 to arrange your gift.  These are opportunities for parishioners who would like to provide a "Christmas Gift" to the parish during the holiday season; many of which may be memorialized if desired and as outlined below.  Please see below for the details of each gift, and thank you for sharing your gift of financial support.

Breaking Bread 2021 Subscription

OCP's Breaking Bread subscription provides the bulk of our parish music resources; and includes the Breaking Bread hymnal and missalette combination, the Misal del Dia Spanish language misalette, the Respond and Acclaim psalter used by our cantors, the Keyboard and Guitar Accompaniment editions used by our musicians, suggested Prayers of the Faithful for each celebration throughout the church year, and other associated supplies.  The entire subscription can be gifted for $1800, or individual hymnals may be gifted for $10 each.  An individualized memorial of up to 3 lines can be placed in each donated hymnal, and a list of donors/memorials will be placed on this page.

Streaming & Reprinting License 2020

Provides copyright permissions for our parish to stream our Mass celebrations, and also to reprint music for worship aids.  The annual cost for this service is $405.  A memorial of up to 2 lines will be placed in the parish bulletin and on this page.

Poinsettia Memorials 2020

Thank you to all those who donated our Christmas poinsettias:

Barbara & James Kearns given by Kevin Kearns & Family

Jack & Rosemary Walsh given by Rosemary Walsh
The Stoddard Family given by Rosemary Walsh
Edward Petry given by Annette Petry
The Greeves and Fean Families by Pat Greeves
Samantha Graney given by Anne French
Francis & Vincent DeVito & Joseph given by Frank & Irene DeVito
Michael & Dolores Madden given by Frank & Irene DeVito
The Proulx  and Kremer Families given by Ray & Carol Proulx
Walter & Gloria Tester given by Janet & Brian Finnerty
William & Margaret Finnerty given by Janet & Brian Finnerty
Carmine Loiacono given by Janet & Brian Finnerty
The Garby Family given by Richard & Helene Garby
The Vetter Family given by Richard & Helene Garby
Jack Kane given by John & Chris McManus
Col. Steven Dutkus, USAF, given by Stan & Arlene Dutkus
The Saunders Family given by Pat & Ken Corcoran
The Corcoran Family given by Pat & Ken Corcoran

Thank you for sharing your gift of treasure!

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The Church of Saint Patrick

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